Human Resource Management

We collect information on the issues that your organisation wants to solve via the procedures and processes of potential assessment. In doing so, we either focus on the entire organisational structure or concentrate on individual business units and offer focused, clear and realistic benefits in the field of personnel selection, development and advancement.

We ensure acceptance and sustainability of procedures within the company by consulting you on the implementation

  • Significantly less time and cost compared to conventional selection methods
  • Significantly higher hit rate in the selection of candidates
  • Marketing employees by presenting a modern, service-oriented employer to the applicant market
  • Possibility of integration of candidate pre-selection and selection in an automated process via our online recruiting system
  • Uniform standards and ensuring the highest possible objectivity in the selection of staff, also in the case of decentralized organizational areas
  • Test execution is independent of location thanks to web-based tests
  • All central European languages can be selected in the test specification
  • Guaranteed satisfaction of employees because of high personal knowledge gain
  • Possibility to pinpoint personnel development by exact registration of employee potential
  • Significantly increased job satisfaction thanks to a use of employees that is a lot more consistent with their potentials
  • Much lower turnover rate
  • Significantly higher work-output
  • Guarantee for a permanent optimisation of product quality
  • Integration into all existing assessment procedures possible


Christoph Nagler, Partner