Europien Management Solutions in Russia

So far more than a hundred organisations of different types have conducted several 10,000 measurements with the CAPTain Online Test System. Users include a wide range of companies, such as HR departments of multinationals, executives of small businesses and enterprises, training companies, HR and organizational consultants. 

With the foundation of CNT companies in Hamburg, CAPTain was established in German-speaking countries. Over the following years, CAPTain got distributed further- within Europe and internationally.

Developing more products and expanding the CNT network formed the bases for future growth potential. In 2002, CNT Consult was founded, the sole provider of CNT products and services in Russia/CIS.  

To expand the range of products with differentiated consulting services in the context of management development and potential analysis in 2006  CNT Consult joined with ATG Consult as Group of companies.   

ATG-CNT Consult cooperates with the CNT companies in an international partner network. In the process, the CNT companies in Hamburg are responsible for the scientific development and conclude licences to partner companies, which in turn secure sales and distribution of CNT products and services. Apart from the CNT companies in Hamburg, there is CNT Munich, CNT Moscow and ontalents in Austria. 

Reliability and IT development, maintenance, server support and safeguarding the data transfer is done by IT-experts in Germany.  

In recent years we have launched development in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We continuously develop and validate the different local language versions of our tests, and ensure support for our customers and high-quality application of the tests also in these countries through our partners and their consultants trained by us.  

The intellectual property rights of CAPTain tests and the CAPTain Online Test System belongs to CNT GmbH, Hamburg. 

The intellectual property rights of ATG-Corporate Check, BILTain, BRAINTain tests and belongs to ATG-CNT Consult.


Savkatzon Kachcharov, Partner